Signature J Bass

  • $149.00

These pickups use heavy formvar wire for extra definition in the top end. The bridge pickup is 5% overwound for better volume balance between both pickups. With both pickups set to the same volume level, you'll get a hugely satisfying, glassy growl. Use your tone control to keep the high end in check and dial just about any classic or modern bass tone ever recorded. A powerfully versatile set of Jazz Bass pickups.

Available for 2-3/16" (neck) and  2-5/16" (bridge) string spread. Will fit most USA and foreign Fender/Squier instruments and many others.

*Due to the handmade nature of Rainville pickups, there could be slight (+/- 3%) variations from one set to the next. DC resistance is greatly temperature dependent and will fluctuate depending on the environment. We test all our pickups at 21C/72F and 40-60% relative humidity.

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