The Big Easy Humbucker (Neck/Bridge)

The Big Easy Humbucker (Neck/Bridge)

  • $99.00

This one's for fans of low output pickups (and haters of powerline hum.) Our Big Easy humbucker has an almost Fender-ish quality, yet it still packs a punch when you crank up the gain. Works especially well with tube amplifiers.

While the Big Easy was designed as a neck pickup, it can just as well be used in the bridge. Its lower output also means it combines really well with traditional single-coil pickups without having to split the coils.


Output Low
Magnet type(s) Alnico 5
DC resistance  5.9k
Inductance 3.9H
Resonant peak 3.8khz
Magnet wire 41 AWG single poly nylon
Conductor wire # 2